Thursday, December 29, 2011

Featured Designer of the month: Robin Kaplan

In store exclusive: 
We're carrying a new line by this amazing designer from California. Her name is Robin Kaplan and she's the epitome of an art-to-wear designer. She hand dyes her clothes using a process she's invented herself and sews various pieces of the finest French tulle, Italian linen, silk chiffon, and crocheted lace together to make some of the most beautiful and unique pieces we have ever seen. According to her website, the fabrics are selected for their tactile nature, and it is believed that the texture of clothes can invoke a feeling: "Audacious yet fanciful, our garments are designed for the woman with an adventurous intelligence and a fervent femininity."

Check out her beautiful buttons:
We have two of her cardigans in at the moment that feature these hand-blown buttons.

See all of these photographs and more on her website:
And come in to see some of her beautiful pieces in person!

P.S. Phyllis directed me to Robin's great website which inspired this post. Thank you Phyllis!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oooooh, are you still searching for the perfect outfit for your holiday party?

We just got a little shipment in by Krista Larson, and it just so happens that the ultimate holiday outfit was contained inside:

 Ok so, please excuse the awkward cropped-off feet look and my "deer in the headlights face"- but these velvet slips are amazing to wear and to look at. This outfit would look perfect with a pair of gold shoes and a gold necklace. For this picture, I wore some burgundy and gold Bombay Bangles and a beautiful Christie Philips headdress! Hope you can make it in!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And here are a few more...

Here are a few more photos from our holiday artisan bazaar -- but this time, they primarially feature some of the clothes you can find here at 2 Chic Boutique!

Here is Christie Phillips from Seattle, WA.. she is the designer and owner of Azula by Design, her headdress company!
Here, she is modeling one of ELM's amazing infinity scarf/wrap/mini skirts. But since that name is too long, we have affectionately dubbed this extremely versatile piece "the poof." She is also wearing the ELM corset strapless and flared tank top.

Someone's shoe kept getting caught in our grate!

Christie and Dalia wearing amazing ELM and Christie is also wearing a Reckless Necklace, a Andrea Geer skirt, and one of her own headdresses:

Dalia, Christie, and Kelly: Charlie's Angels sans guns in in nicer clothes (by ELM)!

Here Christie is wearing one of her headdresses that happens to go perfectly with these beautiful pagoda silk Krista Larson pieces:

Christie was super fun! And what a great model!

Photos from the 2 Chic Boutique Holiday Artisan Bazaar:

So, as most of you readers already know, we had our first annual holiday bazaar this past Friday. It was sooo fun that we're thinking of having a quarterly artisan bazaar! There are just too many amazing local designers in our fair city to not celebrate them on a more regular basis.

Here are the balloons that mysteriously disappeared somewhere between 11am and 3pm...

Pam Bernstein brought some beautiful scarves, paintings, and pieces of jewelry...

All the bright colors were so cheery and inviting!

Myung Urso brought a beautiful assortment of her earrings, necklaces, and broaches.

Marie Brate brought a gorgeous selection of her hats and scarves. No photo I took did her serious craftsmanship justice. 

Here's our model and friend, Alex Northrup showing how cute Marie's hats look on...

(My favorite hat:)

And my favorite scarf...

I have affectionately named it "The Princess Scarf".

Here's Kelly Waldt, owner and designer of her jewelry company "Turi Jane". The necklace she's wearing is one of her original designs... isn't it stunning?!

And to me, Kelly won the prize for the most festive display!

Here's Christie Phillips modeling a Reckless Necklace (by Blynn Nelson), one of her own headdresses, and two of Kelly Waldt's awesome bracelets...

And here are Blynn Nelson's beautiful Reckless Necklace accessories:

And here are Blynn, Kelly, and Sean Dunwoody:

 And here's Blynn looking beautiful and mysterious in one of Christie Phillips' headdresses.

And here's another one of Blynn sitting in "the icon chair" wearing one of Christie's headresses, one of her own necklaces, and some Andrea Geer's cute arm-warmers!

And here are some shots of Andrea Geer's amazing clothing line:

 Her adorable and funky buttons:

And last but not least, here are some photos of Christie Phillips' headdresses:

But first off, this is her pretty business card:

Hand here she is in "the icon chair" wearing one of her exquisite headdresses, a Reckless Necklace, and two Turi Jane bracelets:

Here I am!

Alex and Christie:

And the other side!

And to finish up the day, our neighbor, Gregg tried on one of the headdress--and it somehow transformed him into what we thought looked like a Roman-esque emperor! 

Following this post, I'll be posting a few other photographs we snapped of people trying on some things from our boutique! It was such a great day, and I personally can't wait for the next artisan bazaar!