Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rain, rain go away or come again after I buy a cute raincoat!

 It may not be raining now, (thank goodness!) but just so you know, raincoats are 50% off right now at 2 Chic... 

Look really pretty in forget-me-not blue or super cool in black-on-black polka dots!

New Ficklesticks shipment arrived today!

Pictured here, Jenn is wearing only a few of the many awesome Ficklesticks that came in today... prooving that you can never have too many!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Final Sale on everything in the store!

It's official! 2 Chic is having a HUGE sale on everything in the store! Here is the lineup of everything on final sale!

Lilith and Raincoats:                              40% off

Krista Larson; Transparente; 
Bodil; Itemz:                                        25% off

Black and White Tees; XCVI;
CP Shades:                                         30% off

Hats and other merchandise:                50% off

Everything must sell to make room for the gorgeous fall lines coming in!
See you here !

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Saturday!

When you want to wear what everyone else isn't...

Saturday, June 25
Here at 2Chic Boutique!

151 Park Avenue
Rochester, New York

Parking Available Across the Street

So, here's the deal... Pamela Puccia is coming to 2Chic with cases upon cases of her gorgeous bangles. Designed by Ms. Puccia, these bangles are all original and made in India. Not to mention that no two bangles are exactly alike! Prices range from $7 to $59 per bangle.

Since 2009, Pamela and her design partner in India (Saptarshi Mitra) have been experimenting with rare colors that  they dye the "lak" (a clay ceramic pottery mixture which is created by soil and earthen material excavated from the foot hills of the Himalayan Mountains in India).  Once the lak material is poured into pre-made molds, the designers go to work carefully placing the stones, high-grade glitter and other ornaments onto the bangle. And in the end, they create the one of a kind bangles and mini works of art that you'll find on display here at 2 Chic this Saturday!

Come down, play dress up, and maybe find some Bombay Bangles that you can't live without!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


  Last week, I arrived at 2 Chic to work for a few hours and was greeted by a very excited Jenn and Phyllis who were ooohing and awwing at the counter whilst fumbling through a mass of crazy color tubes of fabric. As it turned out, a package from Little Rock, Arkansas had arrived only moments before filled with designer Diana Taylor's unique creations called Ficklesticks. Ficklesticks are tubes of fabric with wire inside which are then hooked together to create totally rad jewelry. They are also machine washable! The styles are easily the funkiest adornments I've ever seen with "fun" written all over them [not literally]. Here are a few pictures I posted on facebook the day they arrived.

So come on down and check them out... I bought one really cool one that can be worn as a necklace, belt, hairband, or bracelet!