Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little update...

Today we're rearranging our store and feeling lucky to be inside :) Here are a few pictures of the goings-on!

First off, one of our favorite people in Rochester, Leroy (far right) came to visit us the other day and this time, he brought his beautiful daughter and her fiance who were visiting from Germany! Leroy is a poet, artist, and an eccentric, his daughter is a professional singer and her fiance is an orthopedic surgeon! But they could all fall back on careers as supermodels (if you ask me) :)

Here's our crazy packed consignment rack. It's filled with Krista Larson shirts, lots of Lilith, and some other beautiful pieces. ..

And here's our sale rack! It looks like nighttime outside! Lilith and Krista Larson galore!

And here's our beautiful mannequin-- I think Phyllis named her "Greta" :) I'll be using her for all the photography we're gettin' crakin' on for our soon-to-be beautiful online store. It has been too long!

And lastly, next Friday we'll have our First Friday event with a wine and cheese reception! November's artist is the wonderful Cordell Cordaro! His work is whimsical and reminiscent of late 19th-century bohemian Parisian cabaret posters. We're super excited to have it here brightening our walls! The show will be next Friday, November 4 from 5 to 8pm. Hope you can make it for all the fabulous-ness! Here are some of Mr. Cordaro's paintings:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Even better photos from Fashion Week 2011!

Thankfully, Jenn's 16 year-old son Garrett (who has a great eye for photography) was on the scene at both Saturday and Sunday Fashion Week events. I say "thankfully" because he has a proper camera took a lot of beautiful and in focus pictures! Here they are:

SATURDAY, Memorial Art Gallery:

 Everyone's filing in...

All filed in!

The empty tables...

....filled up too!

Let the show begin! We weren't in this event, but I was told it was lots of fun!

SUNDAY, "Runway at the Runway":

The M.C. Pam Sherman (The Subberban Outlaw!):

Cute Rochester girls ready for the show to start!


Meghan Mundy, her assistant, and Pam Sherman discussing the runway...

ThArild Remmereit, Music Director of the R.P.O. getting off his jet :)


Here we go!!

 Saundra wearing Lilith....

 Another beautiful model wearing Lilith:

Cynthia wearing Ubu...
Julia wearing Lilith...

 Kay wearing Lilith and a Transparente Jacket:
 Paige wearing Lilith....
Amy Bell wearing a Transparente jacket...
 ...and a Lilith dress!

 Anne wearing an Ubu coat...

 ... and a Lilith dress with a beautiful Jeanne Byrnes' felt scarf....
 The first chair violen player of the R.P.O. = amaaazing.

Futurpointe dance!

The crowd welcomed the 3 people behind Fashion Week with a standing ovation :)

The wonderful people behind Rochester's Fashion Week: Chantiza Stern, Meghan Mundy, and Shawn Dunwoody...

That's all, folks!