Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's a Color Fiesta with Mary Kay at 2Chic Boutique!!

Isn't it colorful!!
Just a sampling of the goodies!!
Sue, Mary, Vicki and Theresa all in XCVI!! Yes, they each bought this jacket!
It may be rainy and damp outside but it's warm and colorful here at 2Chic Boutique!! Theresa Kusak-Smith has been making us beautiful with her wonderful collection of Mary Kay Cosmetics!!

Another photo from my trip to Florida...

Here's another one my dad shot.... This one is of a UbU coat we still have in the shop! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just a little preview of things to come...

Krista Larson - Spring 2012

(To Carol, hope you enjoy these and check out the last photo, Jenn thinks it's the cotton material..)

A few months ago, Jenn went on her annual buying trip down in NYC and snapped a few photos of the beautiful Krista Larson line... and since we know that a lot of you are excited about it (including me), here's a bit of a preview:

Oh man, can't wait to see these in person! Hope this helps you, Carol!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello from Florida!

A few months ago, I made plans to fly to Florida to see my dad. His name is Brad Miller and he's a world famous photographer! As I was asking Jenn about taking a few days off, I had a stroke of genius (if I do say so myself!)- what if I could bring a few outfits down from the boutique so my dad could do a few photographs for Jenn?! When I mentioned it to Jenn, she was all for it (she's so nice :) ). So over this past weekent, Jenn let me go all around the shop and pick out a few ideas. I gathered up some of my own personal favorite pieces, and with her o.k., Phyllis helped me wrap-up each individual item and pack it in my bag. It was so exciting!

I oh so carefully clutched the very, VERY valuable tote of merchandise with me all the way from Rochester to West Palm, making sure that I never left it unattended in the airport. When I arrived at my dad's house, I could hardly wait to show him the beautiful pieces. He agreed that they were amazing, and told me that knew the perfect models for the clothes. 

Even though I have only been here for 3 days, it has actually felt more like a whopping 24 hours... it has been so non-stop!! We literally just walked in the door from a shoot that got us up at 5:30am... some vacation!! But it was so fun and it went amazingly well. 

Here are a few photos from yesterday. The model's name is Danielle and she has been a family friend since before I was born. She's also been a model and actress for over 30 years! And there's more-- she couldn't have been any nicer or more laid-back. 




 (Christy Phillips - Headdress/Krista Larson - Slip)

 (Christy Phillips - Headdress/Krista Larson - Slip)

A production shot! (I was the clothing rearranger, the headdress dresser, hair positioner, and the actual art director!)
 (Christy Phillips - Headdress/Krista Larson - Slip and skirt)

My favorite!
 (Christy Phillips - Headdress/Krista Larson - Slip and skirt)

 (Christy Phillips - Headdress/Krista Larson - Slip and skirt)

Black and White version:
 (Christy Phillips - Headdress/Krista Larson - Slip and skirt)



These are all pre-touch-up too! Prepare yourself for some future beautiful ads and also the next batch of photos from the shoot today! Hope you like them :) - Meggie

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Come enjoy Jenn's 45th Birthday Specials at 2Chic Boutique!! January 10th Only!!

In honor of Jenn's 45th Birthday today, January 10th, we will be offering specials just for today!  If you bring Jenn a card, recieve 5% off total purchase!  Anyone who brings dessert gets 10% off and a present earns you a whopping 15% off your entire purchase!!  Hurry in,  I'm here til 5pm!!  :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Princesses, aluminum foil dresses, white hair, and natural light...

Today I'm doing something a bit different in that the following doesn't really pertain to the boutique, but I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have:

When this magazine came out, I was in high school waiting to get my hair cut at a local salon, and I grabbed this magazine from the rack. Up until I came across the featured article, I was aimlessly flipping through the magazine to pass the time. But then, I saw this:

(Kristin Dunst wearing a Chanel Haute Couture "Petit Trianon" lace dress with tulle rosettes)

 And then this:

This black aluminum-foil dress made by John Galliano of Christian Dior has haunted me in the best possible way since I first saw it. 

 (Kristin Dunst wearing a Balenciaga hand painted silk dress)

...And by now my jaw was on the floor somewhere...

 (Oscar de la Renta chine taffeta gown)

(A flounce cotton and silk pannier dress made by Rochas, Paris)

Somewhere between the beautiful photography by Annie Leboitz and the gorgeous dresses, I fell into a state of pure giddiness sitting on that waiting-area couch. And when I stumbled upon these scans of the magazine this past month, I got just as excited about them all over again. Hope you enjoy them too! (Thanks to Judy for  inspiring me to make a new blog post today!) -Meggie

Tuesday, January 3, 2012