Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

This Wednesday and Thursday, stop by the shop and participate in a little dress-up session, and do us a huge favor!

This Wednesday and Thursday, we're having a costume party!.. ...kind of..

So, all you have to do is come by the shop with your favorite piece of clothing from home- it can be an old pair of jeans, a cozy shirt, or sweatshirt, or even your favorite fancy dress... whatever you want. Then, we will chose one or two items from the shop that can be perfectly paired with your item, you'll get dressed, and we will snap a few photos for our blog to show how easy it can be to spruce up even the grungiest piece of clothing for a refreshing new look. You'll be doing us and other clients a huge favor by participating, but just to say thank you, we'll be giving each participant a $10 coupon. Oh yes, and this will be our first blog event, ever! I really hope you can make it!!