Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My favorite part of spring is when it feels and looks like fall.


Happy Spring! Well, it is pretty miserable out today, but that never stops us all from being extra grateful every sprouting flower and the luxury of walking through a petal shower. Life can be so beautiful, right?
Right! So, we just opened a few very spring-like shipments that are oh-so appropriate for the pretty spring days, and not so much the hail ridden ones.. (cough, cough!).

First up is the superb Krista Larson Spring 2012 Collection. 
This outfit is comprised of a few pieces from the "Ocean" color-way. The photos don't do the dreamy quality of the shades of blue fabric any justice at all. I guess you'll just have to come and see it in person! 


And we also recieved a few "consignment" pieces Krista sent us. These pieces are from Fall 2011 and they are in the "Gold" and "Emerald" color-way. They are not so springy... but those of us who own pieces from this collection know that they are beautiful all year round.

And here is another Krista Larson cardigan over some very cute and color-coordinated Cynthia Ashby Spring 2012 clothes. This sweater is in the "Aloe" color-way. You should see what it does for green eyes!

It may be a grey, cruddy day but instead of snow, we have a blanket of cherry blossom petals gracing our special little street. My only complaint is that it will never be like this all year round...sigh..

We also just opened a very beautiful summery collection by Cynthia Ashby. Each gradient piece is named after an imprecisionest-era artist :)



Hope you all have a lovely evening :) Until next time!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2 Chic Redo!

So, we have remodeled the shop! Here are some photos of the process:

"the unrolling of the rug"


the Elm section!

the beautiful flowers Judith bought for Jenn :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Noma Bliss's New Series...

Noma Bliss is a local artist and a very amazing woman. All of us here at the boutique feel so lucky to have her in our lives. She recently came with her equally talented husband and made our windows about 150 million times more awesome than they ever were before. And over this past weekend, Noma came with the following very special series of women:

Come and see these and Noma's other work we have here:)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cynthia Ashby Fall 2012 Trunk Show is here!

I had Jenn try on some of the Fall Cynthia Ashby Fall 2012 Trunk Show that has just arrived. We shot a ton of photos of the collection for this blog post, and here they are! The trunk show will be here until April 14th, so come and pre-order any must haves :)