Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Elm Summer 2012: Now 40% off!!

Alright everybody, here is the Elm Summer Collection we have in house.... the photos may be a little iffy at times, so I apologize. The are just basic pictures to give you a somewhat solid idea of each piece. Because we have to send the collection back by next Monday, we don't have enough time to also type out the price of each piece or what sizes we have available.... but you can call us at (585)271-6111 or send us an email 2chicboutique155@gmail.com, and we can give you plenty of information on any of these pieces including measurements, pricing, and even more photos. Lastly, I haven't photographed all of the black microfiber collection, but I will post those photos tomorrow. And now, without further ado, here is the collection!

**********EDIT: There are actually quite a few more pieces I need to photograph by tomorrow... so check back sometime around 4:00pm on the blog!**************** *******************

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